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Dallas Observer People 2015: Mark Schectman, Dallas Music's Radio Evangelist

Since at least 2012, Schectman has been standing outside Dallas’ window, holding up the local music boombox and hoping for someone out there to fall in love with what’s coming out of it. 

Central Track: That's The Ticket

So rather than avoid the story altogether due to my lack of objectivity -- which wouldn't be fair to the story, as this is a big deal -- we decided to go the other route with our coverage and just share the instant message conversation I had with Mark after hearing the news.

Dallas Observer: And the Winners Are...You
"He's charming, he's funny and — dammit, America! — he loves him some local music. There really isn't a stauncher advocate for the local music scene than Schectman, and he proves it passionately and repeatedly every Sunday night." -Pete Freedman

Dallas Observer: Best Radio DJ in Dallas - 'Best of Dallas 2009'
"Unlike some of his predecessors, Schectman actually seems to pay attention to the local scene, instead of just relying on the music that just-launched local acts toss the station's way." -Pete Freedman

​ Dallas Morning News: We Were There- Local Edge Presents at Granada Theater
"Savvy and knowledgeable emcee Mark Schectman, host of the Local Edge radio show on KDGE-FM (102.1), introduced each performance and kept the joint jumping with humorous between-set tweets." -Mario Tarradell

35 Denton: Local DJ Keeps Dallas's Ear to Denton's Sound

"Schectman’s sociable vibe and accessibility contributes to his ability to be so in tune with the music scene in Denton. His passion to discover the next big thing is only second to his passion to share it with the rest of the world." -Ron Johnson​

Dallas Morning News: The Edge Changed Dallas Radio

“I like to think they still have some of that wild side in them, exhibited by people like Mark Schectman.”            – George Gimarc

Dallas Observer: Get to Know Your DOMA XXIII Nominees
"Why He's Here: Schectman sheds light on some of the best local indie, rock and punk talent, and helps make the scene a little more fun in the process." -Daniel Hopkins​

Dallas Observer: The 22nd Dallas Observer Music Award Winners
"But not since the early days...has an Edge jockey done so much with so little. Schectman scours the scene with a constant grin on his face, constantly searching high and low for the next band he hopes to play on his show." -Pete Freedman​

Dallas Observer: Local Band Cocktail Selections 
"The Mark Schectman"
2 oz. vodka, 1 oz. sour apple schnapps. Shake well. Strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.​

Dallas Observer: Looking Back on the Biggest Local Music Stories of 2009
"Oh, and speaking of local music popping up on the radio: KDGE-102.1 FM The Edge's Mark Schectman deserves a medal for expanding his Sunday night show, The Local Edge." -Pete Freedman​

Pegasus News: Concert Calendar- Local Edge Live 
"Seriously, The Edge, these shows have been incredible. Only featuring one band from North Texas is ludicrous. If I were you, I'd just let Mark book the whole festival." -Sarah Crisman

But I Just Like Music: Our Picks for the Dallas Observer Music Awards
"My vote goes to Mark Schectman for his work with one of the best local music shows in Dallas, The Local Edge." 

Pegasus News: Earthy Sounds Hit Trees (Local Edge Live Concert Series) ​